About us

Who we are

Espoo manufactures its own brand of traditional saunas made from the finest Canadian Cedar and African Ayous. It is highly specialized in the supply and installation of Custom made saunas. Our service goes beyond design and construction, we offer Sauna Servicing, Sauna refurbishment and saunas accessories.

Espoo is proud to be the leader in the industry. Our team expertise and knowledge will help you find the right Sauna to suit your needs. Experience, knowledge and passion counts … it’s what makes us different.

Each Sauna is unique, manufactured and designed with high standard of technical excellence, attention to detail and with modern style to suit today’s sophisticated lifestyle. We pride ourselves to always be a step ahead constantly looking for innovation , improving our manufacturing processes and research. Aiming to offer the most efficient , superior and added value products with realistic prices.

Our main goal is to ensure that our customers always have a genuine sauna experience.